Yes Man (2008) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Yes Man Movie is composed by Lyle Workman and Mark Oliver Everett. Here is track listing of all songs from Yes Man film –

Yes Man Soundtrack

1. Wooden nickels by Eels

2. Reunion of Friends by John williams

3. Seperate ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey

4. The sound of fear by Eels

5. Somebody loves you by Eels

6. Prologue by John Williams

7. Keystar by Proxy

8. Swollen summer by The Bravery

9. Flyswatter by Eels

10. Theme from blinking lights by Eels

11. EL B Nia by Maghrebika

12. Journey to the center by Superchunk

13. Lazer Gun by Dr. Dud

14. Umbrellas to mend by Frisco Jass Band

15. Animal by Eels

16. Blinking lights (for you) by Eels

17. Leaving hogwarts by John Williams

18. Staring at the rude bois by Gallows

19. Man up by Eels

20. Yes man by Von Lva and Zooey Deschanel

21. Separate ways by Journey

22. Carry on by Jean knight

23. Cool jerk by The Go-Gos

24. Stomp by Brothers Johnson

25. Let’s get small by Trouble Funk

26. Olde mill inn by Blackmore’s Night

27. The good old days by Eels

28. Mr. touchdown U.S.A. by The University of Nebraska-Lincoln cornhusker Marching Band

29. Jumper by Third Eye Blind

30. Water music by Aradia Ensemble

31. Can not buy me love by The Beatles

32. Ana ng by They Might Be Giants

33. Helicopter by Bloc Party

34. In a Jar by Dinosaur Jr.

35. Star spangled banner by Zooey Deschanel

36. Sweet ballad by Proxy

37. UH-huh by Proxy

38. Hyper enough by Superchunk

39. Emperor waltz by Lawrence Welk

40. Yes to you by Alice Faye

41. Flowers by Terra

42. The spaces between by Expatriate

43. Eyes down by Eels

44. Your lucky day in hell by Eels

45. Fuck This shit by Charlie Clouser

46. To lick your boots by Eels

47. Old enough by The Raconteurs

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