World’s Greatest Dad (2009) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of World’s Greatest Dad Movie is composed by Gerald Brunskill. Here is track listing of all songs from World’s Greatest Dad film –

World’s Greatest Dad Soundtrack

1. Invisible by Bruce Hornsby

2. Sneaking up on boo radley by Bruce Hornsby

3. Is you is,or is you aint my baby by Bruce Hornsby

4. Song c by Bruce Hornsby

5. The creeper,(high) by Tom Kenny

6. Do not be afraid, you are already by Akron/family

7. Tiny spark by Brendan Benson

8. Shadow hand by Bruce Hornsby

9. Genius by Inara George

10. Mandolin rain by Bruce Hornsby

11. Under pressure by Queen and David Bowie

12. It is a good day by Peggy Lee

13. i hope i become a ghost by The deadly Syndrome

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