They Came Together (2014) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of They Came Together Movie is composed by Craig Wedren. Here is track listing of all songs from They Came Together film –

They Came Together Soundtrack

1. Swing it easy by Ron Komie and Mark Heyes

2. I know you know i know by Amy Miles

3. Hooray for the liberties by Terry Topley

4. Party tonight by David Wain

5. What a lovely day for lovin by Richard Geere

6. Dreamscape by David Wain

7. Quartet for strings lark allegro by Franz Joseph Haydn

8. Forgive me love by Craig Wedren

9. Feelgood by Craig Wedren,Pink Ape featuring Keisha Renee and Reyna Wakefield

10. Chaparra by Los Dos

11. Your love is a stranger by Shie Rozow

12. It was the last thing on your by Norah Jones

13. I will do anything you tell me by Amy miles

14. Say you love me by Craig Wedren and Pink Ape

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