The Lovers (2017) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of The Lovers Movie is composed by Mandy Hoffman. Here is track listing of all songs from The Lovers film –

The Lovers Soundtrack

1. Finale and Credits

2. It Must Be Love

3. Something Weird Happened

4. We Will Find Out Tomorrow

5. Mom and Dad Are Kissing

6. Truth Revealed

7. The End of the Family

8. Those Long Hourse

9. Racing Home

10. Chinese Food

11. I am Happy

12. Lovers

13. Sneaking In

14. Exchanging Texts

15. Thematic Reprise

16. I am Sorry

17. Do You Want Some

18. I Can Not Take It Anymore

19. Tell Her

20. Intro and Title

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (OST) of The Lovers is now available on Amazon and iTunes.