The Inbetweeners Movie (2011) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of The Inbetweeners Movie Movie is composed by Dan Gautreau. Here is track listing of all songs from The Inbetweeners Movie film –

The Inbetweeners Movie Soundtrack

1. Opa! by Denny Savage by Henrik Wikstrom

2. Quicksand by Miles Kane

3. All About Tonight by Pixie Lott

4. Pes To Nai by Mia Chari

5. Dirty Mitch by Mike Sninner

6. Cocyx by Mike Skinner and Mark Millrain

7. No Prblemo by Mike Skinner

8. An Yparchoun Aggeloi by Aggelos

9. Tha Me Koitas Sta Matia by Giorgos Hristou

10. Pio Kala by Master Tempo featuring Xristina Koletsa

11. 20 Miles by Deer Tick

12. Ihos Fos Kai Horos by Elizabeth Anastasiou

13. Thelis Kai Me Vasanizis by Christina Koletsa

14. Gimme Love by The Vines

15. Gone Up In Flames by Morning Runner

16. Party All Night by Sean Kingston

17. Whatever It Takes by The D.O.T

18. The Boy Who Murdered Love by Diana Vickers

19. My Kz, Yr BF by Everything Everything

20. We Are Go by Mike Skinner featuring Laura Yane

21. Feel So Close by Calvin harris

22. Clunge in a Barrel by Mike Skinner

23. Fernandos Theme by Mike Skinner

24. Nothing But Love by Axwell

25. Ekti Esthisi by Christina Koletsa

26. We No Speack Americano by Yolanda Be Cool and Dcup

27. Blow by Kesha

28. Stay To Long by Plan B

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