The Good Lie (2014) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of The Good Lie Movie is composed by Martin Leon. Here is track listing of all songs from The Good Lie film –

The Good Lie Soundtrack

1. Up In The Air by Paul Rothman

2. Nyanajuan by Emmanuel jal

3. Am Not Gonna Die While Sitting by Down by Melpo Mene

4. Bachus Ringtone by Travis Howard

5. Wa Winjigo Ero by Ayub Ogada

6. Jaba by Peter Chuol Puot

7. Hey My Brotha by Apple Butter Express

8. Get Your Heart Dirty by Travis Howard

9. Psychodillio by Psycaudio

10. Obiero by Aub Ogada

11. Find a Way by Nico and Vinz featuring Emmanuel jal

12. Creating Dream by Xavier Rudd

13. Ci Mai Kua Mai by Kang JJ

14. Unconscious Memories by Addy Flor

15. Secret Affair by Hans Hammerschmid

16. Private Affair by Jim Blake

17. Time and time Again by Behamas

18. Deck The Halls by Lydia Fuzz

19. Growing Up by Run River North

20. We Fall by Emmanuel jal

21. Thon Ci Ben E Nyoth De Gem by mary Garang

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (OST) of The Good Lie is now available on Amazon and iTunes.