Ten Thousand Saints (2015) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Ten Thousand Saints Movie is composed by Garth Stevenson. Here is track listing of all songs from Ten Thousand Saints film –

Ten Thousand Saints Soundtrack

1. Catch THe Wind by Donovan and Karen Elson

2. Waterfall by The Stone Roses

3. Sixteen Blue by The Replacements

4. I Can not Wait by Nu Shooz

5. Let as Go to Bed by The Cure

6. Dear Mr Fantasy by Steve Winwood

7. And How She Moves by David Pattman and Alex Wilson

8. Be Half by Redhare

9. Simple Days by Urban Fall

10. Ilona by FM Smith

11. Prison Bound by Social Distortion

12. Colors OF The East by George Nishigomi

13. For Now by The Feelies

14. New York Crew by Judge

15. Beat My Head Against The Wall by Black Flag

16. Transcend by Army of One

17. The Four Seasons: Winter by Antonio Vivaldi

18. Straight Edge by Army of One

19. Shooting Star by Bad Company

20. Lie to Me by Chris Isaak

21. Fall On Me by R.E.M

22. Consider Me Gone by Sting

23. Hare Krishna by Sri Prahlad

24. Little Mascara by The Replacements

25. Break Down The Walls by Youth of Today

26. Positive Aggression by Army of One

27. Swan Lake Suite OP 20 Scene by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

28. Wise Up by Bold

29. Slow Down by The Feelies

30. Youth Crew by Youth of Today

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (OST) of Ten Thousand Saints is now available on Amazon and iTunes.