Step Brothers (2008) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Step Brothers Movie is composed by Jon Brion. Here is track listing of all songs from Step Brothers film –

Step Brothers Soundtrack

1. Learn by Dizzee Rascall

2. Brother by Lee Ferrell and Hal Ratliff

3. Slow burn by Set the Control

4. Captain benevent and his ragtag crew by Adam McKay and Steve Weisberg

5. Derbe day Cheeseburger

6. The impression that i get by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

7. Father christmas by The Kinks

8. Por ti volare by Andrea Bocelli

9. The longest time by Billy Joel

10. Keeping the faith by Billy Joel

11. Back and Forth by Jon Brion

12. Family bible by Rick Logan

13. A marshmallow world by Brenda Lee

14. Boats n hoes by Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly

15. You are on my mind by KO and The Knockouts

16. Something to talk about by Shirley Elkward

17. Tristan und isolde by Richard Wagner

18. Live on stage by Dilated People

19. You make my dreams by Hall and Oates

20. Sweet child o mine by Guns N Roses

21. Breathe and stop Q Tip

22. Ice ice baby by Vanilla Ice

23. Hairy balls by John C. Reilly

24. North american scum by LCD Soundsystem

25. A punk by Vampire Weekend

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