Star War IV: A New Hope (1977) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Star War IV: A New Hope Movie is composed by John Williams. Here is track listing of all songs from Star War IV: A New Hope film –

Star War IV: A New Hope Soundtrack

1. Medley: ben kenobi’s death / tie fighter attack by John Williams

2. Medley: the throne room / end title by John Williams

3. Medley: the dune sea of tatooine / jawa sandcrawler by John Williams

4. Medley: the hologram / binary sunset by John williams

5. Medley: landspeeder search / attack of the sand people by John Williams

6. Medley: Tales of a jedi knight / Learn about the force by John Williams

7. 20th century fox fanfare by John williams

8. The moisture farm by John Williams

9. Burning homestead by John williams

10. Mos eisley spaceport by John williams

11. Cantina band by John williams

12. The battle of yavin by John williams

13. Binary sunset (alternate) by John williams

14. Princess leia’s theme by John williams

15. Destruction of alderaan by John williams

16. Medley: The millennium falcon / imperial cruiser pursuit by John Williams

17. Medley: the death star / the stormtroopers by John Williams

18. Medley: wookie prisoner / Detention block ambush by John Williams

19. Medley: Shootout in the cell bay / dianoga by John Williams

20. Medley: the tracter beam / chasm crossfire by John Williams

21. Medley: main title / rebel blockade runner by John Williams

22. The trash compactor by John Williams

23. Cantina band #2 by John Williams

24. Imperial attack by John Williams

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