Sex Drive (2008) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Sex Drive Movie is composed by Stephen Trask. Here is track listing of all songs from Sex Drive film –

Sex Drive Soundtrack

1. What you talkin bout by Classic

2. I need it by Bigg Mouth

3. Symphoney no. 27 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

4. 12:15 AM by The Deekompreeors

5. Just the tip by Joey K

6. Tiki tiki by JK

7. That is what they all say by Dryspell

8. Between the lines by Boomish

9. Heaven,s gate by Jan Peterson and John Yingst

10. Did not have to walk away by Jason Gleed

11. Danzigslunt by Deeziger

12. West 26 by Joelina Simonia

13. Suburban paradise by Sam Cardon

14. I do not care by Fall Out Boy

15. Porcupine jacket by Tramps and Thieves

16. Can not fight this feeling by REO Speedwagon

17. Atlantis by Donovan and Karen Elson

18. Disco inferno by The Trammps

19. Flying high by Jem

20. Danger zone by Kenny Loggins

21. Give up? by Hot Hot Heat

22. Cramming for college by Pornosonic

23. My perogative by Bobby Brown

24. Bang bang to the rock’n roll by Gabin

25. Massage from yuz by Switches

26. Grand theft autumn/where is your boy by Fall Out Boy

27. Life is beautiful by Vega4

28. You better do better than that by Candy Chase

29. Time to pretend by MGMT

30. All shapes and sizes by The Lucky Stars

31. Nasty girl by Nitty

32. The moment by X5 ft. Mr. Fang

33. Got you (where i want you) by The Flys

34. Let’s get it up by AC/DC

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