Queen of Carthage (2015) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Queen Of Carthage Movie is composed by Brian Byrne. Here is track listing of all songs from Queen Of Carthage film –

Queen Of Carthage Soundtrack

1. Dido’s Lament

2. Back To Sea

3. Graham’s Lament

4. Breaking In

5. Kicked Out

6. Simi And Graham

7. Tracking Down Amos

8. In The Woods

9. Broken Dreams

10. Phone Call Part 2

11. Building The Guitar

12. Breaking Simi

13. Silo

14. Phoenix And Amos

15. Among Others

16. Driving South

17. Memento Mei

18. Amos And Graham

19. Queen Of Carthage Opening Titles

20. Waltz With Me Under The Sun

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