Into the Wild (2007) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Into the Wild Movie is composed by Michael Brook, Kaki King and Eddie Vedder. Here is track listing of all songs from Into the Wild film –

Into the Wild Soundtrack

1. Hard Sun by Corin Tucker and Eddie Vedder

2. Society by Jerry Hannan and Eddie Vedder

3. No Ceiling by Eddie Vedder

4. Long Nights by Eddie Vedder

5. The Wolf by Eddie Vedder

6. Guaranteed by Eddie Vedder

7. Rise by Eddie Vedder

8. King of The Road by Roger Miller

9. Doing The Wrong Thing by Kaki King

10. Frame by Kaki King

11. Going Up The Country by Canned Heat

12. U Can Not Touch This by M.C Hammer

13. The Water Ran This Way back And Forth by Pedro

14. I Thought I Was You by Kelly Peterson

15. Swimming and Horses by Michael Brook

16. Fork and File by The Cooked Jades

17. Dakota Themes by Peter Ostroushko

18. Slab Song by Everett Insane Wayne Smith

19. Kaa by Claude Chaloub

20. Picking Berries by Gustavo Santalalla

21. Tracy is SOng by kristen Stewart

22. Best Unsaid by Michael Brook

23. Angel from Montgomery by Emile Hirsch and Kristen Stewart

24. Timekeeper by Michael brook

25. Carte Noir by Michael Brook

26. Porterville by Creedence Clearwater Revival

27. Flood by Michael Brook

28. I Saw It by Michael Brook

29. U Can Not Touch This by MC Hammer

30. Emory and Old St. Andrews March by the Atlanta Pipe Band

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