Hands Of Stone (2016) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Hands Of Stone Movie is composed by Angelo Milli. Here is track listing of all songs from Hands Of Stone film –

Hands Of Stone Soundtrack

1. Te Estn Buscando by Rubn Blades

2. Buscando Guayaba by Rubn Blades

3. Sambolo by Rubn Blades

4. Ligia Elena by Rubn Blades

5. Plastico by Rubn Blades

6. Tiburan by Rubn Blades

7. Mi Ritmo te llama by Los Caballeeros De Colan

8. Penas by Ulpiano Vergara Y Lucho De Sedas

9. La Luna Y el Toro by Gabino Pampini

10. Happy Birthday by Los Lobos

11. H0t Stuff by Donna Summer

12. Bonjour Madame by Luis Argumedes

13. Scotland The Brave by Los Lobos

14. Nocturno De Chopin by Daniela Jakubowicz

15. Cowboy Town by Jonathan Jakubowicz

16. Club Mix by Jonathan Jakubowicz

17. America The Beautiful by Jonathan Jakubowicz

18. Get Up and Get Down by The Dramatics

19. El Desierto by Lhasa de Sela

20. Doin Everything by The Marvels

21. Bim Sala Bim by Husdon County

22. El Juidero by Rita Indiana and Los Misterios

23. When I Sing Your Words All Around Us Is Magic by Giorgio Tuma

24. Heart In My Hand by Janelle Davidson

25. Champions by Usher and Ruban Blades

26. La Casa De Piedra by Camilo Azuquita

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