Green Room (2016) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Green Room Movie is composed by Brooke Blair and Will Blair. Here is track listing of all songs from Green Room film –

Green Room Soundtrack

1. White Siren by Battletorn

2. Paralyzed With Fear by Obituary

3. Savage Pressure by Battletorn

4. Evil Like a Knife by Midnight

5. Sleaze Patrol by Syphilitic Lust

6. Pull the String by Syphilitic Lust

7. Melted by Patsy’s Rats

8. Suffer the Children by Napalm Death

9. Intensified Gore by The Ain’t Rights

10. Bend the Knee by Hochstedder

11. Right Brigade by Bad Brains

12. Sinister Purpose by Creedence Clearwater Revival

13. Unknown Depths by Harassor

14. Buy American by Missionary Position

15. Vomit Pool by Corpus Rottus

16. Mutilation by Corpus Rottus

17. Corpus Rottus by Corpus Rottus

18. Inevitable Failure by Hochstedder

19. War Ensemble by Slayer

20. Coronary by The Ain’t Rights

21. Nazi Punks F**k Off by The Ain’t Rights

22. Prowling Leather by Midnight

23. Taken BY Surprise by Poison Idea

24. Sat Around for Peace by Corpus Rottus

25. Madrugador by Bio Ritmo

26. What Have I Become? by The Ain’t Rights

27. Legalize Drugs by Fear

28. Takin Out The Trash by Patsy’s Rats

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