Gods of Egypt (2016) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Gods of Egypt Movie is composed by Marco Beltrami. Here is track listing of all songs from Gods of Egypt film –

Gods of Egypt Soundtrack

1. Hathor is Theme

2. Bek and Zaya’s Theme

3. God of The Impossible

4. Obelisk Fight Part 2

5. Obelisk Fight Part 1

6. Elevator Music

7. Set Confronts Ra

8. Chaos

9. Return of The Mistress of The West

10. Channeling Zaya

11. Straight Out of Egypt

12. Toth’s Library

13. Snakes on a Plain

14. osiris Garden

15. Wings and a Prayer

16. Red Army

17. Underdog

18. Shot Through The Heart

19. Bek Steals The Eye

20. Hathor is Bedroom

21. Set vs Horus

22. All Quiet on Set

23. Coronation

24. Market Chase

25. Bek and Zaya

26. Gods of Egypt Prologue

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (OST) of Gods of Egypt is now available on Amazon and iTunes.