Gangs of New York (2002) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Gangs of New York Movie is composed by Howard Shore. Here is track listing of all songs from Gangs of New York film –

Gangs of New York Soundtrack

1. Brooklyn Heights by Howard Shore

2. Dionysus by Jocelyn Pook

3. The Murderer is Home by Jimpson and Group

4. Lament for The Dead of The North by Davy Spillane

5. Koukou Frappe by Badar N’Diaye

6. Chilumi by Dr. Hukwe Zawose

7. Lilly Bell Quickstep by Marco Libanori, Beatrice Pradella and Angelo Giuliani

8. Halleujah Amazing Grace by Alabama Sacrd Harp Convention

9. Guide Me o Thou Great Jehovah by Ike Caudill

10. Dan Tucker by Nathan Frazier and Frank Patterson

11. Poontang Little, Poontang Small by Jimmie Strothers

12. Vows by Tim Ellis, Gregg Williams, John Fitzpatrick, Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning

13. The Hands That Built America by U2

14. Saor Free by Afro Celt Sound System

15. Last Rose of Summer by Los Lobos

16. Unconstant Lover by Maura O’Connell

17. Lament for Staker Wallace by Eileen Ivers

18. Baidin Fheidhlimi by Bono

19. Pigeon on The Gate by Dan Costescu

20. Morrison is Jig Liberty by Mariano De Simone

21. Kerry Slides by The Cheiftains

22. A Mighty Fortess is Our God by Piergiorgio Ambrosi

23. Cantata by Jeff Atmajian

24. Pakwach Acholi Bwala Dance by David Fanshawe

25. Belle of The Mohawk Vale by Angelo Giuliani, Franco D’Aniello and Marco Libanori

26. Paddy is Lamentation by Linda Thompson

27. Uncle Tom is Religion by Francesco Moneri

28. Devil Amongst The Tailors by Vittorio Schiboni, Massimo Giuntini, Rodrigo D’Erasmo and Mariano De Simone

29. Breakaway by John Work

30. Massa Juba by Lauren Weiss, Mariano De Simone, Beatrice Pradella and Alessandro Bruccoleri

31. Gospel Train by The Silver Leaf Quartet

32. Beijing Opera Music by Anxi Jiang

33. Durgen Chugaa by Shu De

34. Garry Owens Jig by Alessandro Bruccoleri, Anna De Luca and Giuseppe Salvagni

35. Late at Midnight, Just a Little Fore Day by Drum Band and Fife

36. The White Cockade by Franco D’Aniello, Marco Libanori and Angelo Giuliani

37. New York Girls by Piermario De Dominicis, Vincenzo Appolloni, Stefano Petra and Massimo Greco

38. New Careless Love by Sonny Terry

39. Dark Moon, High Tide by Afro Celt Sound System

40. Drummers Reel by The Dhol Foundation

41. Signal To Noise by Peter Gabriel

42. Shimmy She Wobble by The Rising Star Fife, Otha Turner and Drum band

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