Funny People (2009) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Funny People Movie is composed by Michael Andrews. Here is track listing of all songs from Funny People film –

Funny People Soundtrack

1. Man in The Box by Alice In Chains

2. Love is Strange by Wings

3. Cat Song by Arthur Carbonel, Iphignie Carbonel, Anna Kotecki, Hana Jacobsen, Jay Jacobsen and Kiori Tanaka

4. Diamond Dave by Gerg Kurstin and Inara George

5. Fire and Rain by james Taylor

6. Give Me Love by George Harrison

7. Got No Shadow by Little Feat

8. The Fat Mouse by Rupert Gregson Williams

9. I Will Be Here for You by Al Jarreau

10. I am in The Mood for Love by The Nat King Cole Trio

11. In Private by Paul McCartney

12. These are The Kodak Moments by Billy Alessi, Linda Kaplan Thaler, Hal Friedman and Joey Levine

13. We by Neil Diamond

14. Joanna by Kool and The Gang

15. Junco Partner by The Clash

16. Tuscany by Larry Goldings

17. I am Young by Jason Schwartzman

18. Memory by Malcolm Young, Angus Young and Andrew Llyod Webber

19. Nighttiming by Coconut Records

20. Numb as a Statue by Warren Zevon

21. Photograph by Ringo Starr

22. Wires by Coconut Records

23. Watching The Wheels by John Lennon

24. Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles

25. Jesus ETC. by Wilco

26. Real Love by Adam Sandler

27. Save It for Later by The English Beat

28. Keep Me in Your Heart by Warren Zevon

29. The Time of My Life by Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley

30. Three Little Birds by The Wailers and Bob Marley

31. Carolina in My Mind by James Taylor

32. All The Kings Horses by The Strange Sensation and Robert Plant

33. Great Day by Paul McCartney

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