Digimon: The Movie (2000) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Digimon The Movie Movie is composed by Udi harpaz. Here is track listing of all songs from Digimon The Movie film –

Digimon The Movie Soundtrack

1. Kids In America by Len

2. Digi Rap by Paul Gordon and MC Pea Pod

3. The Rockafellar Skank by Fatboy Slim

4. Going Digital by Paul Gordon

5. One Week by barenaked Ladies

6. All My Best Friends are Metalheads by Less Than Jake

7. All Star by Smash Mouth

8. The Impression That I Get by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

9. The Strangest Thing by Paul Gordon

10. Hey Digimon by Paul Gordon

11. Run Around by Blues Traveler

12. Change Into Power by Paul Gordon

13. Let Us Kick it Up by Paul Gordon

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (OST) of Digimon The Movie is now available on Amazon and iTunes.