Dead Poets Society (1989) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Dead Poets Society Movie is composed by Maurice Jarre. Here is track listing of all songs from Dead Poets Society film –

Dead Poets Society Soundtrack

1. Water Music by Aradia Ensemble

2. Symphony No. 9 by Ludwig Van Beethoven

3. Piano Concerto No.5 by Ludwig Van Beethoven

4. Rainbow Voice by David Hykes

5. THe Fields of Anthery by Pete st. John

6. Stranded in The Jungle by The Cadets

7. Let Us Have a Party by Jessie Mae Robinson

8. Ridgeway Fight Song by Jerry Rehberg

9. Sound Off by Bernard Lentz and Willie Lee Duckworth

10. Hey Little Girl by Henry Byrd

11. The Battle of New Orleans by Jimmie Driftwood

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (OST) of Dead Poets Society is now available on Amazon and iTunes.