Barely Lethal (2015) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Barely Lethal Movie is composed by Mateo Messina. Here is track listing of all songs from Barely Lethal film –

Barely Lethal Soundtrack

1. Rusty Snare by Toby Sebastian

2. The Hunter by On and On

3. Addicted to The 808 by The League

4. Making Moves by babe Youth

5. Make It Back by The Blackhearts and Joan Jett

6. Party Until The Am by The League

7. Where I am Sposed To Be by Epoch Failure

8. Unchained by Toby Sebastian

9. Get Free by Major Lazer featuring Amber Coffman

10. Staring at My Shoes by Toby Sebastian

11. When i Hear by Go Mute

12. Good Mistake by Mr Little Jeans

13. Be Alright by Josh Money

14. Cloud 69 by Lowell

15. Bad Reputation by The Dollyrots

16. Magic Me by Nightmare Boy

17. St. Justice by Albert Hammond Jr.

18. Take Me Out by Golden State

19. Take Me To THE Water by Toby Sebastian

20. Soothe My Soul by Toby Sebastian

21. Megan From Canada by Toby Sebastian

22. Colorful World by Shayna Rose

23. Are You Living by General Ghost

24. Golden by Maggie Eckford

25. Bad Night in Paradise by Thrust

26. You Do Not Know Me by The Rumor Mill featuring Chetti

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