Aquamarine (2006) Soundtrack List

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Aquamarine Movie is composed by David Hirschfelder. Here is track listing of all songs from Aquamarine film –

Aquamarine Soundtrack

1. Summertime Guys by Brittney Cleary

2. I Rock Hard by Miss Eighty 6

3. A Corner Chicharron by La Charanga Cubana

4. I Like The Way by Bodyrockers

5. City Girls Jr. by Simon Leadley

6. Can Not Behave by Courtney Jaye

7. Control Me by The A-Team

8. Smile 2005 by Colleen Fitzpatrick

9. One Original Thing by Cheyenne Kimball

10. Strike by Nikkir Flores

11. One Way or Another by Mandy Moore

12. Do Not Cry Baby by Alana Dafonseca

13. Right Now 2004 by Atomic Kitten

14. Dejenme Vivir by La Charanga Cubana

15. Island in The Sun by Half Day

16. Gentlemen by Teddy Geiger

17. One and Only by Teitur

18. Drive Me Crazy by Miss Eighty 6

19. Underground by Puretone

20. Time for Me to Fly by Jonas Brothers

21. Connected by Sara Paxton

22. Sweet Troubled Soul by Stellastarr

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (OST) of Aquamarine is now available on Amazon and iTunes.